Historically, a third of every charitable dollar contributed annually by Americans is given in support of a faith-based organization.  This is nearly twice the percentage contributed to education, the second highest non-profit component beneficiary.  The work of faith communities extends beyond congregational missions to regional, national, and world-wide outreach.  Federal and state governments often partner with faith communities for effective and efficient program service delivery in public/private human service partnerships.  Who better to identify and service the communities’ needs than those mission is to promote kindness and understanding of those less fortunate.

PACE Fundraising enjoys its work among this pillar of our communities.  Having worked on behalf of faith-based organizations as executives, we have lived the mission.  We understand the day-to-day needs and the desire to make a greater impact through properly funded outreach.  As such, we are uniquely qualified to extend the staff and volunteers of faith-based communities when taking on a capital project, mission enhancements, or any number of mission-driven visions requiring a capital campaign.

“Each week we ask visitors and members to sign in on our friendship pads. If you’re visiting for the first time, you’ll get a call from a church member welcoming you and asking if you have any questions.” Women’s Ministry Director Sarah Davey-Fitzpatrick

The life of our church is guided by three statements:

  • Our Purpose is to build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians.
  • Our Vision is to be used by God to change lives, strengthen churches, and transform the world.
  • Our Journey is to know, love and serve God.

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