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Like its name, the principals of PACE Fundraising believe there is a natural rhythm to the art and science of fundraising. The proper time invested in strategically analyzing and designing your campaign, annual fund effort, or other special projects will lead to successful outcomes.

  • This value remains continuous in our thoughts, a defined intention across.
  • Everyone deserves respect, transparency, and honesty – the three pillars

Field-tested executives, systems and processes are an advantage to PACE clients. We are innovative problem solvers with decades of experience in the field; side-by-side with our clients. PACE keeps its project teams nimble, with only the most experienced sub-contractors called in when necessary. This flexibility assures that you are getting the best expertise at the right time, the right way, at the right price: a seamless team of professionals, all working strategically in one direction.

Putting PACE Fundraising to work on funding your project is the first step towards achieving your vision. Present a campaign that is well-designed, understood by constituents, organized to maximize volunteer time and influence, and ultimately winnable because “it is on PACE”.

Our Mission

Winning transformational fundraising campaigns through systems and processes which make the effort enjoyable for all: donors, volunteers and executives.



Fundraising is both and Art & Science.  The science is applied through proper organization.  A properly organized and executed campaign begins with setting the appropriate expectations for all involved.  PACE Fundraising has developed and utilizes a number of proprietary systems and processes that we believe are competitively advantageous to your organization.


PACE’s history of winning capital campaigns can be attributed to its unique processes and systems which build campaign momentum and success.  Our campaigns are designed to achieve early success for campaign prospect cultivation volunteers.  The cultivation sequence is based upon a prospect’s propensity to give rather than their relative capacity.  Early success instills confidence in volunteers, executives, and board members.  That confidence is transferred to the greater constituency, creating a community-wide momentum and greater likelihood for obtaining gifts from prospects more distant from the organization.  Finally, we are meticulous in tracking campaign progress with sequenced communication with volunteers, executives and governing boards.  At any point in time, we know where your campaign is and can make valuable projections on its progress, allowing for adjustments when necessary.


PACE is known for saying “Fundraising is never easy, but organized properly, it can be enjoyable.”  This belief is an operating tenet for PACE Fundraising.  Everything we do is aimed at making the fundraising process enjoyable for donors, volunteers, executives, board members, and staff.


PACE Fundraising takes pride in its ability to master campaign communications: the Art of fundraising.  Nothing is more critical in your campaign than the ability to effectively convey your Case for Support to the public, prospective donors, and internal constituencies.  In addition, communication between campaign management and volunteer team members can be the difference between winning and losing a campaign.  PACE has developed and employs the following proprietary communications processes for the advantage of your campaign.


The Art of fundraising is applied through proper cultivation and solicitation methods in the field.  Perhaps the most glaring difference between PACE and its competitors is our penchant for assisting your organization “in the field.”  PACE principles are field-tested and have served organizations as executives in direct face-to-face fundraising.  As part of your campaign, we will go with you in the field during cultivation and ask meetings for select prospects.  We won’t go alone.  Your prospects need to see the passion for the project in the eyes of peer community members.  But we will provide technical support alongside your executive team, volunteers, or board members who are cultivating prospects.  Most consulting firms will not go into the field.  We do, because we enjoy fundraising.

We have high standards and take pride in all we do

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.


Most of our clients come to us after working with another consultant or not getting the results they were expecting from implementing Tabs3 or PracticeMaster on their own. Regardless of your circumstances, chances are we can help you in reaching your objectives and provide a clear cost/time savings benefit analysis before you make the commitment.

This is the cornerstone of everything we do. We care about your law firm, your people, your specific needs, and results that you can use and measure immediately.

Our clients entrust us to solve difficult problems in a manner that is secure and confidential from our first contact with them. Trust is the first attribute our clients recognize when we discuss solutions rather than problems.

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