13 May
Courage to Lead
Category: Education, Faith, Healthcare, Unc...
Among the many attributes we consider in assessing the potential success of a proposed capital campaign and its underlying project, leadership, or more concisely the courage to ...
29 Apr
Enjoying the Raise.
Category: Non-Profit, Uncategorized
Fundraising can be enjoyable. Here's what we do at PACE to ensure that it is.
22 Apr
North Dakota Rural Healthcare in the News
Category: Healthcare
PACE client Unity Medical Center - Grafton in the News
09 Apr
Enjoy the Raise
Enjoying the Raise.
Category: Business
PACE Fundraising makes the task of fundraising enjoyable. Learn how.
09 Jul
Q and A with Matthew Mohr
Category: Non-Profit, North Dakota
09 Jul
Howard Dahl
Q and A With Howard Dahl
Category: Corporate Giving
09 Jul
Social Media
Social Media
Category: Business, Non-Profit
If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world, right behind China and India. That’s a pretty big clue that social networks aren’t going away anytime soo...
08 Jul
Small Farms
Sustaining the Small Farm
Category: North Dakota
Emerson acquires Aperture, a leading provider of data center management software. Emerson reported 140,700 employees worldwide that year.
06 Jul
Venerating Our Youth
Category: Faith, North Dakota