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Asset-Based Gifts & Planned Giving

Asset-based gifts and planned giving expand pledge fulfillment options for your donors.  Utilizing gifts other than cash can dramatically increase the size of donors’ gifts while creating important tax efficiencies.  Planned giving through split income deferred gift arrangements such as charitable trusts, charitable gift annuities, and even bequests expands your prospect pool.  Many individuals are not able to divest of major income assets during their lifetimes, but may consider deferred gift income arrangements as a viable giving option.


It takes more than capital campaigns to advance your mission.

PACE Fundraising is experienced in the use of asset-based gifts and planned gifts.  Incorporating these options into your capital campaign effort is important for many reasons:

  1. Capital campaign efforts tend to engage more individuals in face-to-face discussions than any other aspect of the fundraising continuum.
  2. The use of asset-based gifts for campaign pledge fulfillment is often the fastest, most tax-efficient option for individuals with eligible assets.
  3. The discussion on the use of asset-based gifts or planned gifts may often result in much larger contributions than if only cash gifts are discussed as an option
  4. The discussion and use of asset-based and planned gifts greatly expands the prospect pool of individuals who may be able to contribute to your campaign.

Any discussion of asset-base gifts or planned gifts may and should include family members and trusted financial advisors.  PACE Fundraising is experienced in leading these important discussions.  We understand that a donor’s charitable giving should not be done in vacuum, but should take into consideration the donor’s financial and family plans.