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Capital Campaign Design & Execution


A well-executed capital campaign can transform your entire institution.

Pace clients typically achieve over their capital campaign goals.  Our campaign strategies work for four simple reasons:

  • We lead.  We initiate and guide the process every step of the way, so you have the confidence of knowing your goal will be met…or exceeded.  We love winning capital campaigns.  Our consultants are unmatched in their fundraising experience and credentials
  • We listen.  Our role is to adapt your vision to our experience with proven systems and processes.  It is your campaign.  We are with you to win in the most efficient way possible.
  • We custom design. Your capital campaign will match your organization’s unique identity and priorities, while respecting your resources.
  • We produce results.  Our team has raised more than $300 million for organizations with great causes just like yours.

Partnering with PACE Fundraising

PACE Fundraising supports your vision with action, momentum, and  consensus-driven leadership. Our forensic approach to issues facing project owners allows us to thoroughly examine opportunities from top-down, giving you the best options which are in sync with your vision and operational  standards while projecting innovation. Our executives and project-specific team members are adept in linking the art and science of fundraising. We have experience with Public/Private Partnerships (PPP) utilizing USDA Rural Development loans and grants.

The PACE Fundraising Model functions well along a broad spectrum of project types and sizes from operating side by side with you for the entire campaign; or working as a member of a larger team for a specific project element. Inserting PACE Fundraising into your team extends your strategic reach and improves your ability to succeed.

For our clients, Pace capital campaigns are more than just dollar goals. Our skilled strategists create a culture of philanthropy that provides returns long after the campaign ends. New campaign donors become invested in you, continue to give year after year, and turn into your next generation of leaders.

We train your board and your volunteers to become active in advancing your mission through fundraising.  We leverage your accomplishments and raise your profile, setting you on a firm path towards long-term sustainability.  In short, we leave your development program much stronger than we found it.

Our team approach allows us to put the skills and experience of our entire staff to work on your campaign.

Key Factors in Winning Capital Campaigns

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Execution
  • Communication
  • Analytics
We love “winning” campaigns

Winning a capital campaign can often come down to having the right people call upon the right people. As such, PACE Fundraising has developed our own Master Momentum Tracking System© which promotes the use of  cultivation/solicitation specific analytics. This gives our field representatives, volunteers, your project manager and oversight board the intel necessary to deliver a successful campaign.

Seven Parts of an
Effective Case Statement

  1. Who we are – identify and introduce your organization
  2. What we do – your mission, a clear expression of your reason for existence
  3. Why we do it – your values/guiding principles, clear expression of your organizational culture
  4. Who we do it for & how – your activity on behalf of…
  5. What we will accomplish with your help – convey to the prospective donor
  6. Successful outcomes – your vision, the results story
  7. Gratitude – Thank You

Proper planning; proven methods

PACE Fundraising puts to work for you a series of proven, proprietary fundraising systems and processes which become your competitive advantage.

Your capital campaign begins with an understanding of what was learned in your Feasibility Study.   These findings will help us focus on critical project and communication issues which must be addressed as we proceed into fundraising phases.  Simultaneously we implement our propriety, confidential Prospect Identification and Ranking System which provides you with a more accurate and targeted set of donor prospects identified by peer review; scored and ranked by a combination of propensity and capacity.  Next, we create a campaign plan developed and adapted from what was learned collectively in the Feasibility Study and Prospect Identification Exercise.

A Campaign Case Statement developed in multi-media formats appropriate for prospect meetings as well as accessible to the general public.  From Day 1 of this process, PACE is assessing your Case for Support in respect to its proven Seven Parts of an Effective Case Statement model.

PACE’s Master Momentum Campaign Tracker is implemented to analyze donor cultivation progress keeping the campaign organized, maximizing the time volunteers are able to commit to cultivation efforts.

Your Capital Campaign

There are many critical decisions to be made in planning and executing a capital campaign. Your first correct decision is in choosing PACE Fundraising as your campaign counsel. We’ll be there to guide you through the more challenging issues that come throughout your campaign. Success comes down to a strong, concise message delivered by the right people (volunteers) asking the right people (donor prospects). Our proven systems for  volunteer preparation and prospect identification empower your campaign to achieve that end

Communications at the center of success

We understand the nature of campaign communications. We work with you to create collateral materials that are attractive, concise and consistent to your overall brand. In order to create momentum, we work with you to develop a
strong public relations strategy. Under our direction, your collateral materials, on-line presence, and your public relations strategy work in sync to support the mission of the campaign.

Keeping it all organized and moving forward

We believe the burden of organization is our responsibility. PACE Fundraising developed and incorporates our proprietary Master Momentum Tracking System that utilizes twelve (12) static prospect categories and sixteen (16) fluid
prospect status sets. It is designed and managed to keep your campaign orderly and moving forward to its successful completion. At any point in time, PACE Fundraising is able to provide you with a status update from an individual prospect to the entire campaign. We believe this ability and its implementation are critical to the success of any campaign.


“The burden of organization is OUR responsibility. We need a little of your time and a lot of your influence.”

~ Shannon Schweigert

Shannon Schweigert

Fundraising is never easy; but conducted properly it can be enjoyable

Our priority is positioning your Campaign for success. And in doing so, we believe every action taken in planning and preparation is done to make it an enjoyable experience for all involved: executives, board members, volunteers, and donor prospects.

Raising money is never easy, but it can be a pleasant experience if our effort is well-planned and every measure is taken to respect the people and personalities we will come across in the Campaign.