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Feasibility & Planning Studies

A critical investment in the success of your capital campaign can be made in a well-vetted Feasibility & Planning Study.  Gauging your constituency’s and the greater community’s attitude towards your proposed project is crucial in planning for a successful campaign.  What is learned in this process can be applied to adapt plans, focus on components most desired, and develop communications plans for pieces of your project that are misunderstood.  It is a good beginning to what will eventually be a good outcome.


A well-executed planning study is the cornerstone of any successful capital campaign.

We will design a planning study that gauges potential support for your priorities, identifies campaign leadership, and creates your campaign’s framework.  Our studies are the most robust and comprehensive in the profession.  Each of our planning studies is customized to address the distinct needs of each of our clients.  Our personalized approach is unique in the industry and is one of the primary reasons for our success.

Our feasibility studies are robust because we have developed a community & constituency Interview Selection Template which places the appropriate weights on influencers from representative community components.  We use multiple interviewers to avoid interviewer subjectivity giving your study the objectivity it deserves.  We supplement the personal interviews with an online survey that gives a greater number of your constituents the chance to provide feedback.

Our specific recommendations are based on our comprehensive analysis.  We work with you to begin the implementation process of the strategic findings and then position you for a successful campaign.

Feasibility Study Success Criteria

The success of the Feasibility Study will depend upon the strength of the organization’s position in the marketplace and the quality of work in preparation for the Feasibility Study Interviews.

It is vitally important for PACE Fundraising to interview the individuals the organization or institution feels have the greatest influence in the community.  Issues and organizational objectives tested in the Feasibility Study will most likely stem from the organization’s strategic plan or campaign case.

We test five critical areas in relation to campaign success:

How strong is the case for support?

  1. Does community leadership feel the project meets a valid need?
  2. Is there dramatic emotional appeal sufficient to merit and win financial support?
  3. How effective have pre-campaign communications been?

The overall economic climate in the community and the region.

  1. What is the attitude among the community leadership regarding the economy?
  2. Are there any competing projects, ongoing or planned?

Is leadership willing to accept major roles in a capital campaign effort?

  1. Will constituents follow your present leadership into a program of this magnitude?

What type of financial support can be expected for this capital campaign?

  1. Who are the potential sources for major gifts?
  2. What level of support is the interviewee willing to extend?

The proper timing and strategy for the campaign?

  1. What must be done to assure success for a campaign?
  2. What should be the action plan and schedule for the campaign?